Friday, October 29, 2010

The NC GOP, Building for Tomorrow

The GOP is running illegal television advertisements for candidate Dan Soucek according to 3rd Quarter finance reports filed with the State Board of Election earlier this week.

The latest financial disclosures show that the North Carolina Republican Party has purchased at least $1 million in television air time, including $73,670 for Soucek, through the media buying firm American Media & Advocacy. However, the ads being run do not bear a "Paid for by the North Carolina Republican Party" disclaimer. Instead, they claim to be paid for by the candidate, violating election law and subjecting the GOP to possible criminal charges.

The Republican candidates who have benefited from the illegal ads may be held personally liable for monetary damages under North Carolina Election law.

"Disclaimer and disclosure laws exist for a reason, and the Republican Party knowingly and flagrantly violated those laws," said North Carolina Democratic Party Executive Director Andrew Whalen. "They have illegally purchased air time across the state in an attempt to cheat television stations and mislead voters. North Carolina law provides for criminal and civil penalties for their actions, and we plan on pursuing all those options."

By fraudulently purchasing the ads and using a candidate disclaimer, the Republican Party was able to attain a cheaper advertising rate reserved for political candidates.

"The simple fact is that the GOP knew they were purchasing this air time, not the candidates. They knowingly broke the law, and we are actively seeking recourse through every available means to prevent these illegal ads from being run," Whalen continued.

As the Republican Party was not entitled to the candidate advertising rate, the rate discount currently stands as an illegal corporate contribution to the GOP from the television stations.


Anonymous said...

The NC State Board of Elections, you say?

You've got to be kidding.

That extremely biased, corrupt bunch of partisan hacks!?


Anonymous said...

OOOOOoooooo! Get 'em!

Fred said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Soucek's chickens come hone to roost. It's about time someone caught up with this crap. Hat tip to Andrew Whalen. Soucek may be held liable, but I guess his rich buddies in Washington and Wilmington and Samaritan's Purse will bail him out. As long as he does their bidding, that is.

Anonymous said...

This is a bunch of hogwash. These ads are all done above board and with full transparency.

Ask Andrew Whalen with the Democratic Party about the Watauga Democrat ad. If you want to see an illegal federal contribution all you have to do is watch Charter Cable. Billy Kennedy's campaign would have to pay for all of those ads. He cannot just "authorize" it since the Wat Party does not file FEC reports. Check that with Andrew Whalen.

I know you sometimes respond to posts JW. So "man up" and tell us what Whalen says about that ad.

YetAnother said...

Anon, The local party can in-kind the cost of the advertising to the Federal candidate, but he must first endorse it. In this case, the local party would not have to file FEC reports, only their state reports.

Anonymous said...

The county party must report any contribution on it's state report. However, it is prohibited from contributing to federal candidates unless it files a federal report too. The Watauga party is prohibited from contributing to federal candidates unless it has been filing reports with the FEC.

NewGuy said...

I know this is off topic for this thread, but - before I leave for the evening, I wanted to say this.

Democracy wouldn't work without people of all opinions, political persuasion and all walks of life participating.

Thanks in particular to those of you who have offered yourselves as candidates - Republican, Democrat or Other - for your willingness to sacrifice yourselves, your time, money, and, in many respects, your privacy for the good of the causes you believe in.

THANK YOU ALL for your willingness to put yourselves 'on the line'!

We are all better off because you were part of this great process!

And thank you Mr Williamson for letting me post without edit on your blog even though you know I mostly post in opposition to your political positions.

Anonymous said...

"HAHAHAHAHAHA. Soucek's chickens come hone to roost

No further comment necessary.