Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Art Pope Has Not Yet Reached the Bottom of His Particular Barrell

Part of yet another libel, this one put out by another tentacle of the Art Pope octopus called "Civitas Action."

About the image of Cullie Tarleton used here, I get this message from the professional photographer who took the original pic:

"I took the picture of Cullie April 14th 2005 at the Homecoming of the National Guard's 1451st Transportation Group, soldiers returning from Iraq. This was a web-size image here used as print to distort the quality, and they cropped out the returning soldiers -- misrepresenting the story -- all without permission on a copyrighted image. These are not the kind of unethical people I want running our government."

Jonathan Jordan, the fine & upstanding lawyer whom these attacks on Cullie are meant to benefit, used to work for the Art Pope machine as part of the John Locke Foundation.

Fat spiders and their unethical webs of deceit.


Anonymous said...

Pope is sits on the board of Americans for Prosperity, one of the Koch brothers front organizations. When are good working folks going to see through the propaganda they are being fed by the corporate machine?

More breaking news about Pope and friends all over today's press...
While the Koch brothers — each worth over $21.5 billion — have certainly underwritten much of the right, their hidden coordination with other big business money has gone largely unnoticed. A memo outlining the details of the last Koch gathering held in June of this year. The memo, along with an attendee list of about 210 people, shows the titans of industry — from health insurance companies, oil executives, Wall Street investors, and real estate tycoons — working together with conservative journalists and Republican operatives to plan the 2010 election, as well as ongoing conservative efforts through 2012. According to the memo, David Chavern, the number two at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Fox News hate-talker Glenn Beck also met with these representatives of the corporate elite. In an election season with the most undisclosed secret corporate giving since the Watergate-era, the memo sheds light on the symbiotic relationship between extremely profitable, multi-billion dollar corporations and much of the conservative infrastructure. The memo describes the prospective corporate donors as “investors,” and it makes clear that many of the Republican operatives managing shadowy, undisclosed fronts running attack ads against Democrats were involved in the Koch’s election-planning

Anonymous said...

I understand Soros just gave one million dollars o a liberal propaganda site. I believe it was Human Rights Watch. Where is the outrage?

Anonymous said...

Harry Truman said, "The Republicans admire the Government of the United States so much that they would like to buy it".

Anonymous said...

And Truman and company wanted to give it away.

brotherdoc said...

I get real tired of the Right bringing up Soros every time anyone tries to criticize the political shell games Pope, the Koch brothers, etc., are playing. Soros makes no bones about his politics, he does not give in secret or try to hide behind various deliberate falsehoods about the causes he backs. Human Rights Watch, BTW, is not political at all, it is a non-profit charitable organization that has concerns for the oppressed, the incarcerated, and those whose rights are violated or abused around the world. Check out their web site

Anonymous said...

You just don't get it do you? The Republicans are supporting policies for the rich, corporate interests. The patriot BS is a smokescreen to get gullible folks who are hurting to buy in.
We fought for independence in this country to rid ourselves of the same ideological concepts the Republican party endorses today.

We work diligently to protect your interests and you shout the corporate mantra back at us.
Frankly, it's disconcerting, but, hey, your are human...

You choose to take sides with the Robber Barons, and for the life of us, we don't know why.

But, you can still count on us not to mess with your Medicare, and Social Security...or is that ours?

Government of the people or of the wealthy, you have a choice ...if you haven't voted, the choice has not been clearer than in this year's elections. A vote for Republicans is a vote for the super rich who in one breath scream freedom and in the second breath want to control your bodily functions, tell you what you can and can not do in your, 'private,'
home--tell you what to think, too. But most of all, they want your money!

Spectrum said...

Soros gave money to counteract Rupert Murdoch's (FOX) donations to republicans.

Mike D. said...

"You choose to take sides with the Robber Barons, and for the life of us, we don't know why." - Anonymous

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” - C.S. Lewis

Anonymous, no words could better express why we choose not to live under the rule of your omnipotent moral busybodies than these.

Anonymous said...

I've got news for you, Anon. BOTH parties are funded by the super rich.

And the dominant of the super rich are the big international banksters. And hey, they owned Obama, the former Chicago community organizer, and Harry Reid, just like they own the Bushes, Boehner, etc.

Haven't you figured that out yet?

Liberal POV said...


Great comment! Pick a name and continue posting.

Anonymous said...

Where is the outrage?* Corporate Suck Up Phony Republican

It's called the Republican Tea Party and it is phony as a 3 dollar federal reserve note........

Anonymous said...

The same can be said of the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

"When Fascism comes to America it will be draped in the Flag and carrying a Cross"
--Sinclair Lewis

For those who may have forgotten U.S. history, Sinclair was one of many who led the charge against Robber Barons in the early twentieth century.

Well they are back, the Robber Barons...and the tea, I mean Republican Party is today's fascists...the sad thing is, those who don't know history don't recognize what they are now blindly supporting

Alas, "miles to go before we sleep," comes to mind

Anonymous said...

To Mr. Art Pope

Dear sir,
Since you have seen fit to meddle in our mountain counties political affairs by funding thousands of distorted ads and untruths, I challenge you to a debate, any where any time in the NC-Sen 45 area.
I see that your Midwestern, billionaire, oil-tycoon-cohort Koch has been challenged to a debate in California, you and he are meddling in their politics, too.
You don't have much faith in your two purchased candidates, Soucek and Jordan, do you sir? You just had to play secretly and dirty, didn't you? You know that neither of them could win on their on merits.
We can begin our debate with this. It's my position that you have overstepped the rule of law by colluding with the NC Republican Executive Committee. Those flyers coming from you, Pope, and the ones from the Republican Executive Committee are identical. Bad boy Pope. Bet you don't like being called Boy, do you? You prefer inferring racial BS under cover of you ads and front organizations, don't you?
How about this weekend, you got the money, I got the time!

Anonymous said...

You people will never get it. EVERY single thing you complain about as to the right's actions have been done by the left. Your fake morality is hilarious.

Independent Mom said...

Steve Goss has never lied about his opponents. Never.

My own opinion of the lack of character of his current opponent can't be put into printable English. I am appalled by the vitriol and poison in my mailbox. I refuse to watch TV until this is over.

Anonymous said...

I suppose the picture of Jordan on the most recent Tarleton ad is superior quality and used with permission..............ugh, the double standard of Democrats pushes on

Anonymous said... are right there is a huge difference...Soros hides behind other people and makes them do his dirty work...Vivian Schiller

Anonymous said...

Independent Mom:

Yes, I guess it is hard for you to face the truth.

What you call vitriol and poison is actually the blunt truth.

Steve Goss has voted to spend and tax more even in this economy.