Thursday, October 28, 2010

'Bout Time

Andrew Whalen, executive director of the NC Democratic Party, is calling on fellow Dems to boycott Roses, Maxway, Super Dollar, Value Mart, and Super 10 Stores in North Carolina -- the cash cows that are fueling Art Pope's attempted take-over of state government (which has included -- natch! -- the wholesale trashing of two dedicated and decent local public servants, Steve Goss and Cullie Tarleton).

If you're offended by the lies and distortions, why give more money to the Father of those lies?

A map with the locations of all Mr. Pope's NC stores is here.


November Is Coming! said...

Yes! For goodness sake! If someone dares to disagree with you politically, let's all get together and see if we can't hurt them economically!

Let's tear down their campaign signs too! And boycott anyone who advertises on Fox news! And let's find some way to penalize Juan Williams for daring to deviate from the party line.

I think this is great. Let's all get lists of any company contributions to any campaigns and if they contributed to a party or a candidate you don't like, BOYCOTT THEM! Unions too! If a union supports a candidate you don't like, then use non union labor!

STIFLE anyone who disagrees!

It's the Democrat Way!

Henery said...

Let's see here, Mr. November ... If I choose not to give my shekels to Mr. Pope's cheap merchandise stores, I'm somehow endangering the Republic? Got it. It's a heavy burden to bear, but I guess I'll press onward under it anyway.

Fred said...

I'm game for hurting the Tea Party (aka Republican Party) financially. I mean, afterall, they've screwed me financially. Payback's a bitch, eh?

Anonymous said...

How much money has the big unions contributed to the Democrat Party?

Hey, JW, how about let's sing a few choruses of


And of course, there is Mr. Big Money Bags himself, George Soros, who makes whoever or whatever group you call rich look like the shoeshine boy.

It's much, much more than the Repubs have been able to raise.

November Is Coming! said...


You can certainly spend your money anywhere you want to. I just find it 'interesting' that, rather than advocate for your ideas, you and your ilk seem to be more concerned with attacking others and attempting to punish those with whom you disagree politically.

Where do you stand on Wal Mart? I notice how so many liberals campaign against Walmart because of their employment practices and because they buy cheap overseas goods.....but the stores are still packed with customers looking for bargains.

Just sayin'

(PS Which of the Pope stores that you frequent will you boycott first?)

November Is Coming! said...

I think you all might be on to something here!

I just checked the list of donors to Billy Kennedy's campaign and to the local Democrat party and I found, among others, several local businesses where I regularly trade.

My veterinarian, one of my doctors, a car dealership, a small independent grocery store and several others are listed as donors.

I will, of course, stop doing business with them since I don't want to "give my shekels" to anyone that I disagree with politically. Naturally, when I tell them why I have to stop doing business with them, I will give FULL CREDIT to Watauga Watch.

I am a little torn about one thing attorney is also a friend of mine. I knew he had different political views than I did, but I always liked him. Should I just move half my business to another firm?

Henery said...

So I'm beginning to understand NovemberIsComing's political ethics! Dems are supposed to sit back and take dirty campaigning. If they fight back, they've crossed the line!

That's pure genius!

Anonymous said...

"I just checked the list of donors to Billy Kennedy's campaign and to the local Democrat party and I found, among others, several local businesses where I regularly trade.

My veterinarian, one of my doctors, a car dealership, a small independent grocery store and several others are listed as donors."

Thanks for making the point clear. You see, you know who is contributing the money. The problem with the new Front Groups that Pope is supporting is exactly this, you nor anyone else knows where the money is coming from. The shoe can easily be on the other foot.

Anonymous said...

'Funny, Henery, that the impression that I've always had regarding what the Dems and Progressives wanted their opposition to do or not do.

The Dems and Progressives can attack and ridicule anyway they wish.

But their opposition, in order to be honorable people, should remain silent. However, if their opposition responds, then, according to you and your ilk, that's dirty campaigning.

So, no no. Those political ethics, if the truth be told, belong to the Dems and Progressives.

November Is Coming! said...


If it isn't too much trouble, could you maybe highlight what it was that I said that led you to that conclusion?

You seem to be arguing that my "political ethics" are lacking if I withhold my 'shekels' from those businesses that are supporting the candidates I oppose.

Then, at the same time, you support withholding YOUR 'shekels' from the ones opposing YOUR candidates.

Truthfully are a Walmart shopper, aren't you?

No worry will all be over in a few more days.

Henery said...

November, you said and I quote "you and your ilk seem to be more concerned with attacking others," which reminds me just a bit of Jesus words in Matthew 7: "And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?"

Steve Goss and Cullie Tarleton have endured the most negative, nasty, untrue attacks that most people can remember. And you accuse US of being negative?

The thing I've always feared most about Republicans is their self-righteousness, which they are VERY willing to impose on the rest of us. It takes BIG self-righteousness to accuse the other side of doing exactly what you yourself are performing.

And for the record, I haven't been inside a Wal-Mart or a Sams for at least a decade. For whatever difference that makes.

And here's the other thing: maybe Soucek will win and maybe he would have won anyway, without poisoning the well. If him and Jordan do will, theyll have that poisoned well that theyll have to to drink from too forever

November is Coming! said...

henery...Having a hard time sticking to the topic?

I thought we were discussing the boycotting of those businesses who contribute to or support political campaigns that we disagree with.

I accepted your point that you had the right to spend your 'shekels' where you wanted to. In fact, I even SUPPORTED you on this and mentioned some of the local businesses that I intended to boycott.

I am now in the process of talking to all my friends that also patronize these wrong thinking businesses and encouraging them to go after the pocketbooks of those who support the opposition candidates.

Isn't that what the original post was all about?

btw....I don't suppose you have any comments on the negative attacks on Soucek and Jordan that keep appearing in my mailbox? Maybe in your bizzaro world it's ok for dems to go neg....just not repubs?

Stay strong Henery...only 4 more days.

Henery said...

November, you buy wherever you please and I'll do the same. I have absolutely no problem with that.

I do have a problem with mammoth corporate machines and rich people buying themselves seats in the state legislatores by means of lies innuendoes and smears.

Your claim that Soucek and Jordan have been subjected to the same thing is weak because it ain't true. It's also weak because "they do it too!" has never been much of a good moral argument.

Especially coming from such highly moral people as you have on your side.

Anonymous said...


If the CHARGES are TRUE, are verifiable, then they are not negative, or nasty, or untrue.

After all, as one of your own said many years ago,

"If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."

Talk about poisoned well! You progressives and Dems posioned the well a long. long time ago.

November Is Coming! said...

Especially coming from such highly moral people as you have on your side.

Clinton, Rangel, Jefferson, Easley....are on MY side?

At least we do agree on two points.
1. Each of us has the right to spend our money where we want to (although I don't believe in penalizing a company because of their campaign contributions, I do respect YOUR right to do so)


2. Agree that the fact that both sides do it, doesn't make it right. I didn't like the Cullie/prisoner campaign ad...nor do I like the ones misstating Soucek's position. I also don't think that Goss stating that he is the "most non-partisan" in Raleigh is accurate when he votes with his party over 95% of the time....

but, that's politics...I wish we could all support our candidates, advance our positions, stick to the issues and not attack one another personally....or economically! Maybe one day?

PS....I don't know Cullie Tarleton and I have no opinion of him personally.....I HAVE met Steve Goss, he seems like a pretty good guy and I have no reason to question his ethics or his honor. I just believe it's time for a change and a more conservative government in Raleigh.

BIKERbARD said...

Yes. Screw your attorney friend. You should already know about lawyers (except the shyster, of course.)

BikerBard said...

Henery: Spot on! The Retugs/Teabaggers really squeal when you kick back. They have been the promoters of some of the dirtiest campaigning ever (lest we not forget Willy Horton or the Swiftboat Vets.) Cullie doesn't deserve the smearing, yet he responded as the gentleman he is, restating the true facts. Classy!

Anonymous said...

Democrats are supposed to take dirty campaigning? Are Republicans supposed to take it, too? Henery, you have made me laugh out loud.

I have heard some liberals scream, "do not shop Walmart, they treat their employees bad". Then who do I see with their basket full, the one screasming the loudest.

Let's face it, campaign season brings out the worst in us, we become vile human beings, sometimes in the name of Christ. Folks no matter what happens we have to live in the here and now. If I wake up Wednesday morning, and the vote went the opposite way I voted, I shall carry on and do my best to support the winners.

I do not intend to not shop at these places. I intend to continue on trying to find the best deal I can in this economy.

No Compromise said...

I hope you progressives who boycott Pope's stores realize that you will also be hurting the cashiers, clerks, etc. who work at them, and are probably struggling to make ends meet.

BikerBard said...

November- You just don't get it. This boycott isn't about a "disagreement." It is about Pope trashing decent people. Jeez.

Anonymous said...

BB, and you and your Dem and progressive pals decide just who are decent people, and who are not.

And the decent people are whoever agrees with you. Everyone else are not decent. Huh?

Yes, we get it.

BikerBard said...

Yes, I have met these men and they are decent. No need to trash them. Disagree - fine, but don't trash. It has nothing to do with Dems & Repubs.

You might be decent, too. But definately dense. You still missed the point.