Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fighting the Machine

Robo call just now from "Americans for Tax Reform," urging me to vote for "David Soucek" because Steve Goss wants to raise my taxes.

Americans for Tax Reform is just one part of the cyborg army unleashed by corporate America (thanks again, Supreme Court!) to take over government at every level. I don't think they mean the humans well.

Two observations about the robo call: (1) Americans for Tax Reform don't even know the actual name of the candidate they're promoting for election, because "David" and/or Dan Soucek doesn't actually matter to them. The pro-corporate chip was implanted in his brain, and he'll do what he's told, no matter what you call him. (2) Americans for Tax Reform would appear, just from the name they've chosen for themselves, to be concerned about waste. Yet they spend their money calling someone who voted on October 14. A better use of money might have bought them better targeting for their robo call. Everyone else I've heard from this a.m. who got this robo call has also already voted. Maybe this group should change its name to "Americans Who Waste Money Because They've Got So Damn Much of It."

The Cyborg Menace
Headline just this a.m. in the Raleigh News & Observer: "Secret donor money floods 4 N.C. races." The gist? "An unprecedented wave of money from conservative groups with anonymous donors has swept into four North Carolina congressional races and helped lift Republican challengers into competitive positions against incumbents..."

A glance at the October campaign finance report filed by our favorite empty shirt, "David" Soucek, shows that he's awfully popular with the Big Bucks Crowd. He's raised right at $200,000 from PACs, only $63,623 from individuals, and the NC Republican Executive Committee, author of the notorious black-criminals-moving-in-next-door-to-granny mailers, has contributed over $203,000 to Soucek for "in-kind" contributions, meaning that Fetzer & Co. paid for the printing and mailing of all those pieces of glossy scum.

We'll know Tuesday night whether the cyborgs have won. And if they have, we'll be building the Resistance come Wednesday morning.


November Is Coming! said... does cost a lot of money to run a campaign.

Dan's raised almost half of the $470,000.00 PLUS that Cullie has raised.

I guess it's good that Cullie does it, but not good when Dan does it?

YetAnother said...

Nov, Please cite your source that Tarleton has riased +$470K.

Many thanks,

Anonymous said...

Huh, Do-Do head, Nov. Coming! You don't even know who's running against whom. That shill for the big money and the paid candidate of S.P., D. Suckit, Is, very unfortunately, running against Steve Goss. Show's what you know!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like secret Corporate America buying elections for Republicans as usual...Of Course the Republician Jesus said this ....Book Of Gold Coins..Chapter 20, verse 2...." I have said some things in secret and it is none of your business how I perform mircales with the Federal Reserve System of Judah"

November Is Coming! said...


Cullie's October 2010 campaign finance report.

Anonymous said...

How much has Soros doled out?

Fred said...

I got this call too, and we had a great laugh about the fact they don't even have the name of their candidate figured out yet. This crowd can't walk and chew gum at the same time. They robocalled people at 1AM instead of 1PM, and they don't know the name of the candidate they just spent 1/2 million dollars on. Yes, by all means, these are the people who will be good with money and who have their act together. Heaven help us all.

Anonymous said...

I find your comment about Republican Jesus most offensive. I think an apology is in place.

Thank You

Henery said...

Anonymous Above, who always screams the name George Soros, I realize you don't read, but even 5 seconds of Googling will get you the truth that George Soros is sitting out this election cycle:,0,7743480.column. And anyway, when did George Soros pump millions into North Carolina senate and house races?

Your particular practice of moral equivalence is pretty pathetic, and uninformed. Hallmarks of the Fox News consumer

Anonymous said...

Henery, thank you for admitting that Soros has written off the Democrats as loosers.

Anonymous said...

Henery, Soros and pals are not sitting this one out.

And, as usual, you have a gross double standard. You complain about how much the Repubs are spending, but turn a blind eye regarding what the Dems and progressives are spending.

I say, if you've got it, spend away. Whoever!

BikerBard said...

I got the robocall, too - twice(and I voted a week ago.)

Opinionated said...

Yep, we got the new robo call today, correcting Soucek's name.....and everyone in the house has already voted. NOT for Soucek, I might add.

brotherdoc said...

Too bad this did not come out earlier. It's good.

Popcorn said...

Thank God the senseless didn't prevail! Liberals like Goss and Tarleton love to raise taxes and raising taxes is what pushed us into the Great Depression. Sanity prevailed over the misguided, lying, unreasonable socialists that plauge our society today! Hurrah! Hurrah!

One more thing. The resistance you are to start building today. Is that based on raising taxes, government as the answer, and comedians addressing Congress? Is that your resistance? Great, 2012 will be even easier than we all imagined.