Friday, October 22, 2010

She Can't See the Profits for the Political Shill

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx's Tweet on Oct. 19:
Boeing Profits report for 3Q 2010 posted on Oct. 20:
Boeing tops 3Q forecasts as it sells more planes
By JOSHUA FREED / AP Business Writer • Published October 20, 2010
MINNEAPOLIS -- Boeing posted an $837 million third-quarter profit on Wednesday and raised its profit guidance for the full year as it sold more commercial airplanes.


Anonymous said...

You are so out of touch with the way business is run. Insurance goes up no matter what the business profit does.

Anonymous said...

Insurance premiums continue to go up. Helath insurance is not a right we have as employees. It is a benefit.

The company I work for made a huge profit, but our insurance went up and so did deductibles. It is a simple fact of life. Did I get mad? No, I am thankful to have that health insurance even though I do pay for part of it.

Now wait until Obama care goes in, you are talking about maybe some better insurance premiums, but high deductibles (i.e. $5,000). This is what you get when our elected officials vote in something they have not even looked at. That alone is grounds for termination for those Democrats who voted for reform simply to follow their weak leader, Nancy Pelosi