Monday, October 25, 2010

Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword

This is rich. Fred Eshelman, one of the millionaires funding the attacks on Steve Goss and Cullie Tarleton, also happens to be on the Board of Trustees at UNC-Wilmington, and he's quoted in the Wilmington Star News now worrying that a new General Assembly in Raleigh might "slash and burn" their way through the state budget next year. (Hattip: Chris Fitzsimon)

'Course, having lots of money and plenty of influence with the projected new Republican members of the General Assembly gives Mr. Eshelman ideas about that: "He said the period between the election and the new session may be the time for trustees to make in-roads to convince decision makers about UNCW's importance."

Riiight. If you can buy an election, Mr. Eshelman, you can certainly buy a little special treatment for UNCW.

Hope you Tea Partiers are paying good attention to the kind of crack addicts you're helping put into power.

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Anonymous said...

LOL.....wait until Fred finds out that Art Pope sold off UNCW to Goldman Sachs at a discount price........