Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NC Republican Party Plays the Race Card

Everybody’s buzzing about this print attack on Cullie Tarleton, mailed out by the NC Republican Executive Committee. How low can they go? Well, pretty damn low.

The mailer proclaims on the reverse side, “Meet Your New Neighbors...” and essentially promises a black rapist living next door to you if Cullie Tarleton is reelected.

The white guy on the left is obviously thrown in to fuzz up the racial politics, but Wayne A. Laws, the white first degree murderer, is an odd felon to include here, since the law being referenced is the North Carolina Racial Justice Act, which prohibits the imposition of the death penalty where evidence is provided indicating that race was a factor in the death penalty. That law cannot even apply to the white convict. The Act actually states that where racial bias is demonstrated, “the death sentence imposed by the judgment shall be vacated and the defendant resentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.”

So the mailer is just one lie piled on top of another, all tied up in a juicy little “fear the black man” bundle meant to stampede all the little ole white ladies in Ashe and Watauga counties.

This was done to benefit Jonathan Jordan, who as a lawyer would/should know how badly this particular piece of filth warps the truth.

When confronted with this ad, Dr. Ada Fisher, herself a black woman, said she had no idea that this was being sent out in her name, since she is also a member of the NC Republican Executive Committee.

This is the worst racial politics that we’ve seen in this state since Jesse Helms’ salad days.


Anonymous said...

Damn Lying Campaign Flyers...

I'm so pissed, lately all our mailboxes have been stuffed with numerous campaign flyers paid for by Art Pope's right-wing Juggernaut, Civitas Action, Ink.

Pope is one of four national directors of Americans for Prosperity, the billionaire Koch Brothers organization!

The ads are malicious lies against our two good state democrats, Senator Goss and Representative Tarleton.

One says that Tarleton let murderers and rapists go free and the others make similar malicious and false statements.

Well today, we get a slick flyer that's almost identical to the Civitas flyers and it's paid for by the NC Republican Executive Committee.

Don't tell me they are not in collusion, the flyers are proof. Not only is the Pope corporate money not disclosed, the sobs are coordinating the meme of their filthy campaign with the state republican party. This is illegal!

So sad, we try to compete against hundreds of thousands of dollars coming from out of state with bake sales, rallies, volunteer canvasing and telephone calls.

It's a shame and the two republicans challengers, Jonathan Jordan and Dan Soucek tout their Christian values, Soucek even works for Franklin Graham.

They are breaking campaign laws openly! Soucek and Jordan have no integrity and should publicly apologize to all the people in NC for their dirty campaign tricks.

I doubt they will, so in the meantime. "Lets show the rascals what Citizens United really means." Call a friend and urge them to vote for Tarleton and Goss.

Anonymous said...

First of all, what is racist about it?

Second, the ads are not malicious lies. Check their voting records.

Third, what campaign laws are being broken?

Fourth, what is wrong with touting one's Christian values? We need more people to share their Christian values.

The fact is voters need to know what our elected officials have
been doing or not doing.

Watauga County voters, before you think about your local elections, please take a look at our current commissioners attempt to raise taxes (i.e. sales tax).

Look what has happened:
A failed stimulus package
Teacher lay offs
Votes to build a fishing pier, while teachers lost their jobs
Failing business
A poor economy

Let the record speak, use some common sense.

And this is from someone who has traditionally voted Democrat

Henery said...

"What is racist about it?"

I guess we have to understand that question as sincere, given the rest of your statement.

My, my, my.

Just what WOULD rise to the level of racism in your view? An out-and-out lynching? Or would you call that just a misunderstanding involving a rope?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for proving my concerns, you just listed the malicious lies written on the flyers.

You've been Poped! Sorry.

Unknown said...

To the second Anonymous:

This flyer has nothing to do with campaign issues or topics, nor with voting records. It is a mean, immoral, unChristian effort to incite racial fears. Is that your version of Christian values? I certainly hope not.

Furthermore, it completely misrepresents the law which was passed, as JW points out. If you don't believe that, look it up yourself, if you are able to do so.

Anonymous said...

I looked it up. The second Anonymous is correct as far as he goes. Unfortunately he understates the issue.

Anonymous said...

"Pope is one of four national directors of Americans for Prosperity, the billionaire Koch Brothers organization!"

So it's OK for George Soros, a multi billionaire, to fund lefties but not for Pope to fund the right?


Anonymous said...

What exactly is George Soros funding in North Carolina this year?

Anonymous said...

Haven't you read? The word hypocrite is now exclusively used to mean a candidate masquerading as a person with Christian values.

Anonymous said...

Soros is funding very little anywhere in the U.S. this year. He has written the Democrats off as a bunch of losers. He used them as the political whores they are. He paid for their services and left them high and dry.