Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not Ready For Prime Time?

This piece on GoBlueRidge about the candidacy of William Byrd for sheriff of Watauga County kind of misses the drama. Byrd was supposed to be the Watauga GOP's candidate, but he missed the deadline for changing his party registration from "Unaffiliated" to "Republican," another slip-up of the Foxx-family dominated Republican Party of Watauga. So Byrd is trying to enter the race via petition as an "Independent," which in this case really means too-late-to-the-Party Republican.

In other local election news, the twice-cooked David Blust apparently sez he'll file by Friday (the last day of filing) to run for County Commissioner against Democratic candidate Lowell Thomas, if no other Republican steps forward for District 4. In baseball, this is called a pop-up sacrifice fly. In politics, a losing campaign.

The local GOP apparently has found no viable candidates for either District 4 or Dist. 2, where incumbent Democratic Commissioner Billy Ralph Winkler is running for reelection.

After Watauga Republicans failed to field a single commissioner candidate in 2008, most observers thought that the local GOP, under the iron fist of the Foxxes, would have their ducklings in a row this year. So far, their duckies don't look all that sea-worthy.


James said...

The thing that the piece on GBR.net doesn't say is what is Byrd doing now.  Anyone have any idea whom his emplorer is?  It implies current employment in the field of law enforcement, but doesn't explicitly state any particular employer.  What gives?

BikerBard said...

I'm curious. Anyone in the know. Does MR. Foxx get involved in things?

Opinionated said...

As I understand it, Tom Foxx micromanages her campaign, the local Party, everything.  Word is his whole being is wrapped up in the status of his wife's position.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your thoughts.