Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Billy Kennedy Will Make It Official on Monday

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Billy Kennedy for Congress website

Billy Kennedy Launches Campaign for Congress

Billy Kennedy, a Watauga County talk radio host and community leader, will formally announce his candidacy on February 8 for the U.S. House of Representatives, 5th District of North Carolina. The "Billy Kennedy Caravan" will stretch from Boone to Raleigh that day, with stops in Wilkesboro and Winston-Salem.

Complete schedule follows below.

Billy Kennedy is a well known Friday morning personality on WATA-AM 1450 "High Country Radio," where he has co-hosted "Watauga Talks" for several years. Kennedy has turned the "Watauga Talks" spotlight onto the work of non-profits, charitable organizations and community-building efforts. He regularly interviews both elected officials and candidates running for office. Kennedy is known for his willingness to confront tough issues and ask hard questions.

Kennedy is a member of the state executive committee of the North Carolina Democratic Party and also serves on the executive committee of the Watauga County Democratic Party and as chair of the Beaver Dam precinct.

In addition to his political interests and involvement in the community, Kennedy is a farmer, carpenter, and furniture maker. He is married and the father of three children, the youngest of whom is graduating from Watauga High School this year.

"My father was a Presbyterian minister, an educator and public servant. Growing up, my parents taught me that serving others is important," Kennedy said. His father, Will Kennedy, was elected Mayor of Black Mountain, N.C., late in life and was still serving as mayor when he passed away in 2006.

"This congressional race is a calling for me," Kennedy said. "I believe we must replace the culture of corruption in Washington with a renewed culture of service."

"I chose to earn a living with my hands, and I can see how average people have been treated recently. Certainly not like bankers or like members of Congress," Kennedy said. "It's time we put working people back in Washington."

Kennedy believes Washington is out of touch with working peoples' lives and values. "My father always taught me to stand up for what was right and fair," says Kennedy. "I see very little of what is right and fair on either side of the aisle in Washington."

"Politicians will say anything to get elected," says Kennedy. "But once they're in Washington, they spend their time taking money from lobbyists and handing out taxpayer money to corporate interests. Enough is enough. Everyday Americans need someone in Washington to put an end to the greed. I will listen to the working people of western North Carolina, and I want them know I'm on their side."

Billy is married to Rebecca ("Becka") Saunders. They have three children: Amber Grace; Jessica; and "Willis."



9:00 a.m. -- Billy Kennedy arrives at the Watauga County Courthouse Board of Elections, 842 W. King Street, Suite 6, Boone, NC for certification to file for office. Supporters and press invited. Brief remarks by the candidate

10:00 a.m. -- Billy Kennedy Caravan departs for Wilkes County

10:45 a.m. -- Billy Kennedy arrives at the Wilkes County Heritage Museum, 100 E. Main St., Wilkesboro, NC. Supporters and press invited. Remarks by the candidate

11:30 a.m. -- Billy Kennedy Caravan departs for Winston-Salem

12:30 p.m. -- Billy Kennedy arrives at the Forsyth County Democratic Party headquarters, 1128 Burke St., Winston-Salem. Supporters and press invited. Remarks by the candidate. Luncheon refreshments available

1:30 p.m. -- Billy Kennedy Caravan departs for Raleigh

4:00 p.m. -- Billy Kennedy arrives at the North Carolina Board of Elections, 506 North Harrington Street, Raleigh, NC and files to run for Congress representing the 5th District of North Carolina. Press invited


J.T. said...


RV said...

We are with you all the way! :-D

BikerBard said...

Billy is a good candidate for us. Go get her!

Yet another said...

Lets go Billy! 

Inquiring Mind said...

Since Kennedy thinks he can go to Washington to make a change in corruption, what has he done as a radio interviewer to clear up the corruption in Watauga County?  Right.  Another hot air bullet point person.  Kennedy needs to stay home and farm.  Keep the BS in the field and out of Washington.

Boone Reader said...

Can he win??

craig dudley said...

at this point, what difference does it make. the other five hundred and thirty some criminals remain and none of them control the war department anyway.

J.T. said...

To Inquiring mind: The only way to "keep the BS in the field and out of Washington" is to send Foxx packing.

bridle said...

Craig, In any case we deserve someone who will serve with our interests in mind. We deserve representation and right now, the person we are paying to represent our interests, is working against us.

craig dudley said...

bridle; i agree it would be nice to have someone represent our interets. since jfk i haven't seen many. obama talked about it but became bush lite. gitmo, patriot act, war, rumors of war, and so on, with a few notible exceptions like sotomajor.
i also agree that fox is either corrupt, or, if she actually believes what she says and does, dummer than a box of hammers.
so, when they get there what is it that happens. franken, webb, kucinich, ron paul and that new face from florida whose name i forget are all i see who seem to speak for the humans.
the rest are on record as stupid, corrupt or agents of various corporations. so with our national debt more than can ever be paid, that we owe to the federal reserve, china and a dozen others, whats next?

BikerBard said...

Craig: Please add Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) to your list. He's bright, articulate, progressive and is trying to hold Obama's feet to the fire. That Rep. from Florida I believe you refer to is Alan Grayson. Good man!

craig dudley said...

biker; it was greyson and he makes loud and good points. my memory isn't what it once was.
don't hear much of weiner but if you say so thats good enough for me. i shall watch for him.
perhaps even bing him. i gave up google after they became a branch of our spy agencies.
here is a link about where "our government" has taken us;


not only isn't there any money left but it soon may be even more obvious to even the blind.

Inquiring Mind said...

Will Kennedy support Ron Paul as Foxx has?

BikerBard said...

Craig: Not too long ago, Weiner introduced a bill on the floor to eliminate Medicare. He explained he was going to vote AGAINST his own bill, but dared, nay double-dared Rethugs to vote FOR the bill, so they could no longer hide. Man, does that guy have cajones, or what!

craig dudley said...

i agree he sounds like someone with an interesting approach to thieves.
shall keep an ear out for his exploits.

Ernest T. said...

I mean, you got the first mainstream Watauga Countian who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy, I mean, that's a storybook, man !