Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Clown Car

At the moment, Democratic Rep. Larry Kissell (NC-8) has only one filed Republican opponent, Tim D'Annunzio, with several others supposedly waiting in the wings to file. For the time being Mr. D'Annunzio will do nicely for the entertainment.

D'Annunzio plans a "Machine Gun Social" fundraiser at a local gun shop in Fayetteville this Thursday. For $25 (cheap!) you get to fire a machine gun until the bullets run out. No word on what the target will be.

After Jim Morrill publicized this event in the Charlotte Observer, over 70 comments came pouring in, some funny, some rude, many signed "Anonymous." D'Annunzio went ballistic over "Anonymous," posting in the same comment thread under his own name:
...Hiding behind these web sites as "anonymous" is the same as hiding under a the white hood, COWARDS. You wouldn't dare say these things to my face, but I wouldn't have any trouble telling you this same thing to yours, if you dared.

Interestingly, D'Annunzio has been posting anonymously since last May on his own blog, "Christ's War." Posting anonymously until today, that is. If you look at what he put up early this a.m., for the first time he uses his own name.

D'Annunzio's coming out from behind the "Anonymous" device owes a good deal, we suspect, to Laura Leslie's outing his blogging ways yesterday on Isaac Hunter's Tavern. Leslie's opening is priceless (and the whole thing, a must read):
"I don't know anything about that," Tim D'Annunzio's press flack Lauren Slepian told me this afternoon. Finding out from someone else that your candidate has a personal blog does not generally make for a good day. Finding out from a reporter is even worse.

So ... who else does the Republican Party have to offer in this race?


Max said...

So ... who else does the Republican Party have to offer in this race?* JW

Not much! But the Tea Party rumor on the street, sazs that a new Republican primary candiate named " Jesus Kick Ass" will enter the race to win the Dooms Looney Glenn Beck Day award!

BikerBard said...

Good find, JW. D'Annunzio is a hoot! So is his "outing" by Laura Leslie; I highly recommend both bloggers. It is amazing that even the Rethugs allow this wacko to use their good name (snicker, snicker) in running for office. The more I think about it, D'Annunzio is in good company with Michele ("The Socialists Are Coming! The Socialists Are Coming!) Bachmann and Virginia ("The Dems are Killing Paw-paw") Foxx.

RV said...

Aren't most of us anonymous?  With the exception of Craig, who even has a picture, and a few others - Doug, Debra, to name a few. 

BikerBard said...

Not really, RV. One, through a pseudonym, develops a persona. Mark Twain comes to mind. Posting as "Anonymous" lets you hide among the many "Amonymice." At the very least, here it leads to confusion. And that is the point of anonymous posters. Guy Faux once admitted to posting anonymously to try to catch us picking on him. Poor Faux.You can't get rid of stink from a skunk.

"A rose by any other name..."  - W.S.

RV said...

That is true BB.  It is hard to carry on a discussion with shifting personas.  Or is that personi?

BikerBard said...


Opinionated said...

And those of us who've actually met the B Bard & Stumpy (who's much missed until he gets home from the hospital) know perfectly well who they are.

craig dudley said...

rv; the photo isn't me but what i thought an appropriate avatar. i am not anonymous because several years ago, when i hadn't heard of this blog, it was brought to my attention that there was considerable discussion here whether a particular anon was me.
i chose to clarify it wasn't me using the veil.
and, i think it best to stand with our words. some here can't due to the hypocricy of our world where free speech isn't without cost.
you can attract lint and possers, as well as trolls, by speaking unpopular ideas.

RV said...

Sorry to be so dense.  Who is in the photograh?

craig dudley said...

if you click on the greyed out profile to the left of where you list your alias, there is an option to choose a graphic file from your computer.
i chose the one you see from a file i have of artwork for possible future inspiration such as creating a sculpture from.
i save interesting graphics for such endeavours.
i  could also have chosen a photo of me, my dog, a 55 chevy, or any other graphic that caught my eye or imagination.
it serves as an avitar and reference to last post to see what came later.

RV said...

It didn't work for me.  I wasn't given the option.

BikerBard said...

Try again, RV. Just click "enter" on the silouette. Then click on "my computer" and then "browse" Choose from a fine in your photos.

RV said...

I don't see "enter" but I see "you are not logged in".  Could that be the problem?

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Glen B said...

Tim D'annunzio is a full on nut case. He was kickied out of the Army for doing drugs. His business was taken away by the IRS years back he spent time in jail. Him and his wife play the I am a Christian Game but treat their employees like dirt.

Elizabeth said...

Are you saying that there is something wrong with Congresswoman Virginia Foxx? Did I misunderstand? In my humble opinion she is one of the most superior members of Congress!!! She is intelligent, conservative, courageous, and she has experience and influence.