Friday, February 26, 2010

Elections Filing Update

Filing to run on the ballots of 2010 ended today at noon. Billy Kennedy does not have a Democratic primary, but Virginia Foxx has one on the Republican side.

Someone else filed to run in the Republican primary against Little Patty McHenry in the NC-10 ... David Michael Boldon. Two will be vying on the Democratic side to oppose the eventual winner of the Republican contest (who will be McHenry, we've said all along). We'll be trying to find out about these Democrats: Jeff Gregory and Anne Fischer.

Heath Shuler in the NC-11 has a Democratic primary opponent -- Aixa Wilson. Whole bunch of panic-stricken extras running in the 11th Dist. in the Republican primary.

Previously noted: Larry Kissell has a primary in the NC-8.

What's going on among Republicans in the NC-6? Poor old thousand-year-old Howard Coble has five primary opponents, which, as in the 10th, means he wins.


stewert said...

<span>Editor: </span>
Local papers keep printing a drumbeat of letters sniping at our Congresswoman, Virginia Foxx.  
Do the letter writers actually believe that if enough of these attacks are printed, the folks in the High Country will believe Virginia is in trouble?
If so, they can forget it.  Probably nowhere else in the country is there a better fit between values of the people and values of their representative.  
The rugged individualists who settled these mountains have one thing in common-a profound distaste for governments' controlling their lives- whether that be local, or from Washington, D.C.
This marriage between the values of locals and those of Virginia Foxx is a marriage made in heaven.
To the letter writers, I say, wake up and smell the coffee. This is the year of the Tea Partiers; and the now-we-know-why-we-were-put-on-earth conservatives; plus we've-learned-our-lesson Republicans; joined also by the what-ever-was-I-thinking-voting-for-Obama Independents. This is Virginia Foxx's year.
<span>Don Clark</span></span>

RV said...

As someone said earlier, she should be disqualified from running since she does not think government is capable of solving problems. 

J.T. said...

Foxx is against more government unless she's for more government, as her record shows. She wins by telling people what they want to hear and then by doing the opposite in Washington with the hopes no one will notice the hypocrisy.

RV said...

That should also disqualify her! >:o

BikerBard said...

If Foxx fits YOUR values, you, too, must be a liar and hypocrite. No?

craig dudley said...

excellent point rv.