Monday, February 22, 2010

"Keith Gardner of Hickory"

At the moment, that's all we know about Congresswoman Virginia Foxx's Republican primary opponent. Except that he filed last Friday in Raleigh. Hickory's in the 10th; Foxx represents the 5th. Go figure.

For one brief moment there, we thought that maybe this Keith Gardner running against Foxx is also this Keith Gardner, who describes himself as anti-tax, "socially liberal," and "poly-dogmatic."

Hey! Whatever turns you on.


stewert said...

<span>Editor: </span>
Local papers keep printing a drumbeat of letters sniping at our Congresswoman, Virginia Foxx.  
Do the letter writers actually believe that if enough of these attacks are printed, the folks in the High Country will believe Virginia is in trouble?
If so, they can forget it.  Probably nowhere else in the country is there a better fit between values of the people and values of their representative.  
The rugged individualists who settled these mountains have one thing in common-a profound distaste for governments' controlling their lives- whether that be local, or from Washington, D.C.
This marriage between the values of locals and those of Virginia Foxx is a marriage made in heaven.
To the letter writers, I say, wake up and smell the coffee. This is the year of the Tea Partiers; and the now-we-know-why-we-were-put-on-earth conservatives; plus we've-learned-our-lesson Republicans; joined also by the what-ever-was-I-thinking-voting-for-Obama Independents. This is Virginia Foxx's year.
<span>Don Clark</span></span>

Boggeydosh said...


If what you say is true about rugged individualists and such, then why is it that Virginia Foxx represented big governemnt over the people when she conducted the Blowing Rock Land Grab in a back room deal with corrupt Blowing Rock politicians?  Talk to the folks in that area, and you will get a far different view of Foxx.  Foxx lied to the very segment of the population who elected her to office - sportsmen, and now she thinks she will have an easy time of it?  Wrong answer.  Not sure what your thinking, but Jeff Smith in N. Wilkesboro will get my vote.  Foxx is so out of touch with voters, that she doesn't even bother to try and connect with them.  Lie and cheat and steal her way to glory.  The tea-partiers will not favor Virginia Foxx, especially as the word is spreading of her crooked governing methods.  Foxx represents government by the government for the government, not government for the people, by the people.  Don, you should see someone, really.

RV said...

Mr. Clark, what government interference do these rugged individualists object to.  Are they opposed to our roads, schools, law enforcement, Social Security, military defense, or unemployment benefits?   Please be more specific.

BikerBard said...

Stewert: Your admiration of Virginia is myopic, at best. You rugged individuals have been bought out by Ginny and her cohorts. Wake up, re-read RV's post, and answer the question posed silently, to yourself. Then nod, knowingly.

J.T. said...

LOL. I got a hearty laugh at the letters in support of Foxx in yesterday's Democrat. They are all saying now that Virginia Foxx's lies have been exposed by Tilson that it doesn't matter because Foxx is right to want to privatize social security. What happened to the "I never said that" from Foxx? Her "supporters" are her own worst enemies.

BikerBard said...

"Yes, she's a liar but she's right." WTF?

Max said...

For one brief moment there, we thought that maybe this Keith Gardner running against Foxx is also <span>this Keith Gardner</span>, who describes himself as anti-tax, "socially liberal," and "poly-dogmatic."

Hey! Whatever turns you on.*JW

No doubt you are not awared of the Evil Twin theory or factor in political races! It's like a Elvis double contest in Vegas! Nobody can sort out the Real Elvis with thousands of Elvis's walking around and saying the King rules!