Monday, October 01, 2007

Whither the Roberts Court?

We've begun to cringe at the thought of a new term of the Bush Supremes, reconvening this week for God knows what mischief, but then we begin to read about the cases the Supreme Court has refused to hear, letting stand lower court rulings that might appear "liberal" (gasp!) on their face.

For example, the High Court is letting stand a lower-court ruling that some religious organizations can be forced to pay for workers' birth-control health insurance benefits, especially if the org is engaged in essentially non-religious social service work that caters to people of different faiths. North Carolina is one of 23 states that have similar laws.

The Supremes have also declined to hear the plea of a religious group that claims it ought to be allowed to use a public library for worship services, letting stand the ruling of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in California. Generally speaking, the Scalia-Thomas-Roberts axis on the court is all too eager to rebuke the "San Francisco values" of the 9th Circuit.

And the decision of the court not to hear this Big Tobacco appeal from Florida makes it appear that the court has not yet tipped entirely toward the interests of corporations.

This court watcher says not to be fooled by the Court's left fake. Pretty good analysis, we guess.

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