Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cloak and Dagger (More Dagger Than Cloak)

A mole in the Citizens for Change PAC meeting last night has passed this word to us:

●About 50 people attended, all well known names from the signature ad that appeared in Monday's Watauga Democrat. The CFC's last meeting will be this Thursday. Tim Wilson was in attendance; the rest of the CFC-endorsed candidates were not.

● Phil and Jeff Templeton conduct the meetings. Jeff does most of the talking.

● A hired consultant was the centerpiece of the meeting -- young, well dressed, good looking, described as VERY smart. He tells them what to do.

● The consultant had earlier laid out the following plan: put out 4 major "issues." Hit the first one really hard, sit back and wait for a response from the incumbents. The plan was to put the incumbents on the defensive and then move to the next issue. "If they have to play defense, they can't score."

● Jeff Templeton is described as very pushy. Said there were only a few days of early voting left. All CFC members have been told to call all those they know who have students in the family attending a college somewhere. Consultant's plan is to get them to return to Boone this Saturday and vote. The consultant was particularly insistent about making this happen.

● CFC has T-shirts ready for poll workers to wear on election day.

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