Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Boone Boom

It would be pointless and wholly premature to offer any deep analysis of yesterday's election until after the opening and judging of some four-score provisional ballots next Tuesday ... because those votes could still change everything. With the top five candidates all within 51 votes of one another, every finish position could change. Seriously.

Nevertheless, it's very clear that Mayor Loretta Clawson was a big winner and will not be impacted by provisionals. She's the top mayoral vote-winner in Boone's history.

And if you're looking for clear losers ... look no further than ASU's Chancellor, since there's no way the provisional votes can put Mr. Peacock's preferred team into power. The university will actually now have to carry through with its lip-service to mutual planning and cooperation with the Town of Boone.

If any air got cleared yesterday, it's just that: Appalachian State University is a member of a community and not an empire unto itself.

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