Monday, October 22, 2007

N.C. GOP Ecstatic that Newest Homosexual Isn't One of Them

The acknowledgement by Democratic senatorial candidate Jim Neal that he is gay sent shivers of delight through the North Carolina right-wing today. They finally have a target who they think is more of an embarrassment to the other side than to them.

Showing that it has its priorities in perfect working order, the AP sent out a "NEWS ALERT" this a.m. about Neal's orientation, to make sure no one missed this queer moment in N.C. history. Mark Binker at the Greensboro News-Record found the AP flash rather odd, but apparently in North Carolina, it's big BIG news when a politician is actually HONEST rather than merely EXPOSED in a men's room bust.

We'll see in the fullness of time what difference this makes, and it should be an interesting race. Neal says he's ready to do battle, and Liddy Dole is as weak and brittle as spun sugar.

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