Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Henderson County GOP Implodes

You may want to rush to take a look at how the former webmaster of the Henderson County Republican Party defaced the party's website on his way out the door. This surely won't be allowed to remain up and accessible for very long.

The resigned webmaster is pissed that former Congressman Charlie Taylor wouldn't give party leaders a straight answer about his intentions in 2008 (will he run again?), and he's mad that his county party chair squelched a no-confidence motion against Taylor.

This dude is part of the new mean group of western North Carolina Republican activists, Carolina Stompers, whose name adequately reflects their attitude about tactics.

Much of the resigned webmaster's rage is directed at the Henderson Co. GOP Chair, who has now announced that he's actually running for Charlie Taylor's old seat. Carl Mumpower, an Asheville city councilman, is already in the race. So this sets up the perfect scenario for Charlie Taylor to pop back up and win the Republican primary, with his opposition divided between the other two guys.

In any event, all these developments should be good news for Democratic Congressman Heath Shuler.

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