Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Stuck in a Rut

Whither the Watauga GOP after yesterday's election?

For answers to that question, one needed to tune in to the Jim Hastings radio show this a.m., since he and the other Jim are the big mouths for the local Republicans. One tack they took is time-worn and expected, but two new pivots (one of them 180 degrees) are worth noting:

1. Pam is evil. It's all Pam's fault. Pam is going to hell

2. (Here's the 180, though, granted, it's a 180 BACK to a prior position) Students shouldn't be allowed to vote in local elections

3. County Commissioner John Cooper suddenly emerges as favorite punching bag. Why? Because he supported the Democratic incumbents in the Town Council race

We applaud all of these talking points (especially # 2), since they signal that overbearing personalities are incapable of learning anything new.

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