Friday, October 19, 2007

Drive-Time With Crummie Cocktails

Dr. Bob Crummie, the Rutherford County medical practitioner with a degree from Duke, has been suspended from medical practice for a month by the N.C. Medical Board ... following his third conviction for driving while impaired.

That doesn't even account for his prescribing cures while mentally whacked. Dr. Crummie is fairly notorious for believing that homosexuality is a hoax and that lobotomy is both under-appreciated and under-utilized.

He's also firm about the values of alcohol as a navigational tool in a moving automobile:
Crummie told a Medical Board investigator that, "were it not for the present DWI laws, he would have a bar in his office and have a drink at the end of the day and a drink in his hand on his drive home," according to the board.

Dr. Crummie, bon vivant. We'll have what he's drinking (but not what he's thinking)!

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