Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fred Thompson -- He-Man Crime-Fighter

Since Sen. Fred Thompson brags about what a major crime-fighter he was as a three-year federal prosecutor in Tennessee, Joe Mathews took a look at the 88 criminal cases Thompson handled during that time:

27 of those cases involved moonshining, often considered a victimless crime in the mountain south.

"Hell, I made whiskey and was violating the law, but I didn't do nothing wrong," said one of Thompson's many moonshining defendants, Kenneth Whitehead. "I would do it again if I had a still. I can't afford a still now."

Thompson also prosecuted a man for uttering obscenities on his CB radio, another dire threat to civilization.

The federal judge before whom Thompson tried most of his cases is quoted as judging Thompson's legal skills rather harshly ... "utterly incompetent." It will no doubt please Thompson fans and those grasping at straws that the judge was a Democrat.

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