Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday A.M. Roundup

Once again Madam Virginia Foxx votes against health insurance for poor children, even after the program is changed to placate Republican objections to the first bill:
An analysis by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office showed that the new version of the children's health insurance bill did make some substantive changes that Republicans had demanded. Under both versions, the combined average monthly enrollment in SCHIP and Medicaid would be about 34.1 million people, according to the CBO. But there is a shift toward serving poorer children, a key Republican demand. In the new bill, Medicaid enrollment alone would be about 400,000 individuals higher than under the vetoed bill, while SCHIP enrollment would be about that much lower, according to CBO documents. (Jonathan Weisman in the WashPost)

According to The Swing State Project (via BlueNC), state Senator Kay Hagan has indeed decided to challenge Jim Neal in the Democratic primary to run against Liddy Dole. The question is: How much money did Chuck Schumer promise her?

And in non-political news, we're glad to see 31-year-old Asheville native Paul Schneider making a go of it in Hollywood. Another N.C. School of the Arts grad.

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