Wednesday, October 24, 2007


According to the Federal Elections Commission, Congresswoman Virginia Foxx has a measly $903,099, cash on hand. That's just shy of a million batskins, but to hear her tell it, she's eating out of the Hardee's dumpster. Madam Foxx has sent out this appeal for cash:
Dear Friend,

Serving in Congress is still the greatest honor given to me and I cherish the opportunity to represent your values and do my best for this wonderful country. But I cannot do it without your financial support.

The downside of electing Representatives every two years is that we have a short time to raise money and campaign. The Democrat Party has recruited an opponent for me who is already raising money. He will begin campaigning full time in December but I will be hard at work representing the Fifth District and only able to campaign part time.

That means I have to be busy raising money now. This year we thought we would try something a bit different. It occurred to us that as someone who has an interest in history and politics you might enjoy a copy of the wonderful Congressional calendar, "We, the People." This calendar is published by the U.S. Capitol Historical Society and is full of the sort of history lessons coveted by folks like you.

We have never given a gift for a contribution but thought this is the time of the year to do that. So for a contribution of $100 or more to Virginia Foxx for Congress, I will send a calendar to the donor. We need your help now to build the base for my reelection. The best politics is doing a good job. And you can count on my continuing to be the hardest working Member of Congress. I have stuck to my principles and have helped other Republicans do the same....

Who's put such fear into the Madam that she's willing to dole out chintzy gifts for your big bucks? Coach Roy Carter, who is not a rich man (he's been a high school football coach his entire adult life), who's raised a grand total of -- what? -- a couple hundred dollars (but will be raising more, rest assured). It's the Po Boy vs. Madam Millionaire, but you'd think Gatesby Von Moneybags was coming after her.

No, Coach Carter is far worse than a millionaire. He's an authentic man of the people who doesn't have to pretend who he is and who knows exactly when and how Madam Foxx has been bad for the 5th District of North Carolina. It might not take a Foxx million to make that point.

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