Thursday, October 04, 2007

Evangelical 'Slam-Dancing' May Not Be Helping Christian Witness

Revolution in Jesusland is presenting some interesting research about the perception of Christians among young non-Christians (and young Christians alike, though we don't see what numbers of either group were included).

Some highlights from the discussion:

All the anti-gay marriage ballot initiatives and other anti-gay campaigning have really been ravaging the perception of Christianity among the general public, and even among young Christians.

Favorability ratings for gays have been shooting up over the past several decades, from low single digits to 33% today, despite the best efforts of the Christian Right to demonize the "gay agenda"

Meanwhile, the favorability rating for "evangelicals" among the same group plummeted from high numbers to 3%

Apparently, this research was not greeted with even majority approval at the Christian gathering where it was presented.

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