Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Carter Answers Foxx on S-CHIP

Democratic candidate Roy Carter answers Virginia Foxx's blue smoke about her two no votes on S-CHIP ... in this morning's W-S Journal. An excerpt:
Rep. Virginia Foxx's callous vote against SCHIP was a vote against working families, a vote against our children's future, and a vote that flies in the face of common sense and morality.

Foxx insults us with false allegations about SCHIP to hide the truth; millions of children still need coverage. Many kids can be covered only if the program is extended, which SCHIP ensures. Foxx's rejection of SCHIP and co-sponsorship of another bill are a political attempt to delay the issue for 18 months. Meanwhile, as the housing market declines and lower-middle income families continue to struggle, millions of kids remain uninsured.

She receives the best health care tax dollars can purchase, so why won't she work to provide that same opportunity for our children? We need a representative who will listen to the good people of the 5th District and not merely serve as a microphone for special interests.

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