Monday, October 22, 2007

Madam Foxx Plays Hide the Weenie

Congresswoman Virginia A. Foxx has announced that she will hold a "telephone town hall," a.k.a., "a way to pretend that I'm responsive to my constituents while carefully controlling the venue and NOT actually facing them." Maybe you got your full-color mailing today announcing this historic event.

My guess: she ain't gonna hear anything she don't wanna hear, and she definitely ain't gonna answer any questions she don't wanna answer.

But hey! We're Americans, and we're perfectly attuned to make-believe and to bright, shiny surfaces meant to distract us!

Let's be generous and say that 100 poor saps actually call in. Or 50. That wouldn't be a conversation. That would be cacophony. So we suspect this "event" will be strictly controlled. You can bet on that. You'll be invited to listen ... another LISTENING experience with The Madam! ... but to actually speak to her...? Not so much.

We'd rather attempt a conversation with the Vancome Lady.

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