Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Boone Voting Results and a Whole New Scandal

The certified results from the Boone election, including the 60 provisional ballots that were approved (top five, in rank order):

Phillips 1,081
Mason 1,067
Aycock 1,050
Wilcox 1,046
Spann 1,035

Posting this at 1:52 p.m. (by the clock on my computer) ... please note the time-stamp on this blog post for what will follow below subsequently.

Jeff Templeton filed an Election Protest Complaint at the canvass this morning, which was disallowed because he does not live in town and therefore had no legal standing to make a complaint. Only after the proceedings did we learn that we were the subject of the complaint. He alleges that we posted on WataugaWatch the results of Early Voting at 4:56 p.m. on the day of the election.

Since according to his own complaint the Early Voting ballots weren't counted in the Board of Elections office until after 5 p.m., he speculates that I must not have reset the clock on my computer to Daylight Savings Time ... to preserve his theory that I had and released the Early Voting tallies some hour-and-a-half before the polls closed. (Incidentally, my computer -- miracle of miracles! -- resets itself every time we move from Standard to Daylight Time, and back again.)

It was actually after the polls closed, some time after 7:30 p.m. on that Tuesday, that I posted the Early Voting tallies. The time-stamp on the blog post is not placed there by my computer but by the Blogger.com host machinery in California.

Sorry, but I did not post any results prior to the polls' closing and could not have negatively impacted the election.

Mr. Templeton might have realized this too had he also noted the timestamp on my posting of the final vote tallies from Tuesday night ... 6:40 p.m. By his theory I not only posted the Early Voting tallies way early but the final results too. A neat trick.

Fourth-place finisher Dempsey Wilcox has called for a run-off. It will be between him and 3rd-place finisher Liz Aycock.

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