Thursday, November 16, 2006

Turns Out, the Sun DOES Rise in the West

Watauga was not alone in the western counties for a stunning Democratic resurgence on November 7th.

Democrats picked up a balance of +2 sheriff seats (going from 14 Ds to 19 Rs prior to Nov. 7th to 16-17 now). There is a recount pending in Watauga County, but still.

Democrats picked up 16 county commissioner seats across the west.

Ashe County went from R to D in its sheriff race, and from a 1-4 split on its county commission to a 3-2 majority.

Polk County went from R to D in its sheriff's race and finally won some county commissioner seats after concentrating for the last four years on building their party.

Caldwell County went from being 0-5 on its county commission to 2-3 and came very close to upsetting the incumbent sheriff.

And of course there were the up-ticket gains we've already mentioned in this space -- two new NC Senators, two new NC House members, and one new congressman in the US House.

Has this strong pulse of a beating heart attracted attention down in Raleigh? You bet! In 2008, for example, Steve Goss and Cullie Tarleton can both count on reelection support, and by then the party-building in other counties of Madam Foxx's 5th Dist. will make her re-election a second time much more of a toss-up. Count on it.

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