Wednesday, November 01, 2006

FLASH! Baptist Minister Preaches Gospel

In today's Charlotte Observer, Rev. Dan Burrell of Charlotte's Northside Baptist Church says he has "lost faith in politics" and has decided to focus "on saving souls, not electing politicians."

This from "an outspoken Christian conservative," who in 2004 registered voters, distributed Christian Coalition voter guides, and urged the 3,000 members of his church to the polls. Not so this year.

He's disillusioned with the national Republican Party. Turns out they don't walk on water after all.

"In terms of major get-out-the-vote campaigns, frankly, we're going to be focused more on the work of the Gospel and ministering to our local community," Rev. Burrell said.

This is exactly what Madam Foxx and the other Rove clones have to fear ... the dawning of the truth on good Christians that they've been HAD for a mess of pottage. Will queer-fear and immigrant-fear scare them back into line by election day?

We dunno, but, yeah, we do know what's coming:
John Green, a Pew Forum senior fellow on religion and public life, said polls show "potential" for Christian conservatives to sit the election out, but many groups -- including the Republican Party -- are aware of that, and are using phone banks and other methods to boost turnout.

"Other methods" include a nastiness not yet witnessed, which will try not to show itself in the light of day, because it cannot stand the light.

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