Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Foxx Plans Robo-Calling to Smear Sharpe

Another, even stronger editorial in the W-S Journal today, blasting Madam Virginia Foxx: "she's made herself look silly, naive, and cowardly during this campaign."

Add unscrupulously mean to that list.

News out of the Foxx campaign has reached us, to wit:

1. She knows that her Republican base is not turning out for early voting in the 5th Dist. She knows that some of those same "supporters" are highly likely to sit at home next Tuesday.

2. She's willing to resort to the nastiest tactics anyone can imagine to pull her chestnuts out of the fire.

Her campaign has been telephone-polling for some time, identifying those hard-core supporters who will vote for her if they bother to visit the polls. The campaign plans to robo-call those supporters this weekend, demanding that people get out and vote for Foxx to save the 5th District from a _________.

What goes in that blank ... is being guessed at. Something like this: "Vote for Virginia Foxx, or we'll have a kleptomaniac shop-lifter and serial adulterer representing us in Washington." Not that, but something like that, only nastier.

Robo-calls, mind you. From she who said she wanted them banned.

Nastiness, mind you, from she who claims to be a Baptist.

Her transformation into Latrodectus mactans, a black widow spider, is complete. She's not been available to the public or the press for weeks because she was molting.

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