Thursday, November 02, 2006

News of the Sharpe-Foxx Debate

Though The Madam succeeded in barring reporters from her taped debate with Roger Sharpe yesterday, including the W-S Journal's reporter, the paper nevertheless has a partial blow-by-blow of the "often testy" exchange between the two. The Journal's reporter obtained a copy of the tape.

Long after El Presidente himself has abandoned the trope of defending his Iraq war by saying "they attacked us first," since Iraq most certainly did NOT have a hand in 9-11, here's the Madam behaving like an administration bobblehead:
"The war is tough, there's no question about it. But these people came and attacked us," she said.

When the moderator, Jim Longworth, quickly raised a question about the link between Sept. 11, 2001, and the Iraq war, Foxx continued by emphasizing that terrorists attacked the United States and that Iraq was providing a safe haven for terrorists.

That's just willful misrepresentation of the facts. But then, this is Virginia Foxx, after all.

Sounds as though Roger Sharpe held his ground against her. Though we doubt this little exercise will change many votes.

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