Thursday, November 02, 2006

Targeted by Virginia Foxx

You know you're getting old when you shamble to the mailbox to find you've been targeted by Congresswoman Virginia Foxx for a propaganda flyer aimed at "North Carolina seniors."

Her internal polling must be telling her the same things as the independent polling we've seen ... that her support is WEAKEST among people 60 years and older. Gosh. We wonder why.

Could it be from quotes like this:
People have become too dependent on Social Security as their sole source of income after retirement, Foxx said, adding that President George W. Bush feels people should take responsibility for themselves and plan ahead, rather than rely solely on Social Security. [Watauga Democrat, March 28, 2005]

At the same meeting, she called Social Security "a broken system."

No such talk in the slick flyer that arrived today. And no talk about "privatization," which everyone with a pulse knows means the ultimate demise of Social Security, which is what Foxx demonstrably pants for.

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