Tuesday, November 07, 2006

FLASH: Watauga County Goes Strongly Democratic

These are final (but unofficial) numbers (all precincts reporting). Democrats are listed first (naturally):

U.S. Congress NC-5
Roger Sharpe 8,189
Virginia Foxx 7,136

N.C. Senate Dist. 45
Steve Goss 8,430
David Blust 6,853

N.C. House Dist. 93
Cullie Tarleton 8,660
Gene Wilson 6,621

County Commission
Mary E. Moretz 8,302
Keith Honeycutt 6,938

Billy Ralph Winkler 8,550
James Coffey 6,495

John Cooper 8,728
David Triplett 6,338

County Sheriff
L.D. Hagaman 7,750
Mark Shook 7,652

School Board
Ron Henries
Lowell Younce
Lee Warren

OBSERVATIONS: Madam Foxx beaten to a pulp in her own county!

Though Tarleton and Goss have won Watauga County, we don't yet know if they've won their districts.

L.D. Hagaman edges past Shook for sheriff, but there'll likely be a recount ... with almost 200 provisional ballots to be factored in.

You may commence dancing in the streets, O my brethren & sistern!

REMINDER: Wear your raincoat and galoshes.

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