Thursday, November 16, 2006

This Christ Fellow Sounds a Little Suspiciously GAY to Us!

Quote of the Day:
"In the state of North Carolina, the Republican Party has no identity. There is no issue that the voters pick out and say this is what Republicans stand for."
Jack Hawke, former state GOP chairman, in the N&O today

Au contraire, mon frere!

We know -- through your wholly owned Southern Baptist subsidiary -- that you ABOVE ALL intend to save us from church-going gays, rescue our imperiled souls from the very sight of gay couples regularly welcomed into worship services. And where they are welcomed in, well then, there'll be hell to pay. Can we get a big old "amen" to that?

Take, fer instance, First Baptist Church in Asheville. That congregation is now on notice under the new queer-fear rules passed by the Baptist State Convention that they shall be among the first to be cast into outer darkness, deprived of the blessing of turning over thousands of dollars a year to support the state's biggest homophobic syndicate.

For his part, the Rev. Guy Sayles, pastor of First Baptist of Asheville, very sensibly responded, "These decisions don't have to affect us, and we won't allow them to. The Baptist Convention doesn't set the agenda for our understanding of Christ. Christ sets the agenda for us."

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