Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Since They Can't Win Honestly, They'll Try the Other Way

As though we needed any more reasons to throw this bunch out!

There's coverage in the Raleigh N&O here about the National Republican Party's harassing, misleading, and fundamentally corrupt robo-call campaign in congressional districts where they're perceived to be in real trouble. NYTimes coverage is here.

One of those congressional districts where the robo-calls have targeted registered Democrats -- often at 2 a.m., and repeatedly thereafter -- is NC-11, where Heath Shuler has been leading Charlie Taylor in polls. According to Federal Election Commission filings, the National Republican Congressional Committee spent almost $12,000 on robo-calls in NC-11 between 10/30 and 11/3. Each call costs less than a dime.

Desperation is an unattractive trait, especially when it's been triggered by a fear of losing overwhelming power. We won't even know the full extent of Republican desperation until after the dust settles tomorrow. But these harassing, lying robo-calls, like the deployment of sworn deputies for character assassination, are just more evidence of why we need a top-to-bottom change in this country.

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