Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Independent Polling on Foxx/Sharpe

Another piece of information we've been forced to sit on since October 26th is an independent poll of the congressional race in the NC-5, done by this Raleigh company. (These are the same folks who first discovered Heath Shuler leading Charlie Taylor in the NC-11 and also noticed favorable movement for Larry Kissell in NC-8.)

In a poll of 808 likely voters in NC-5, conducted Oct. 26th, the poll found that Foxx's support had sunk to 49% (Sharpe 43%, with 8% undecided). That was not only significant, it was cause for (private) jubilation in many quarters.

Further, the poll found 68% dissatisfaction with the direction of the country, with 61% of the 800 "more enthusiastic" for voting on November 7th.

Here's the best part: in the breakdown of who was polled, it was 47% Republican voters, 33% Democrat, and 20% unaffiliated. When more Republicans than Democrats think we're on the wrong track, when a wide majority of Republicans can't summon more than 50% approval of Madam Foxx ... that's more than a slight breeze blowing. Blowing the wrong way for the Madam.

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