Monday, November 27, 2006

Not So Fast With the Coronation There, Bucko

The headline in today's N&O says Beverly Perdue has the "early edge" in the Democratic race to succeed Mike Easley in the governor's mansion, but then we discover that

1. The "poll" was conducted for the Civitas Institute, the Pope-funded right-wing think-tank, which is the last place we want to turn for insight into the thinking of N.C. Democrats. And

2. The "early edge" that Bev is said to have is a big ole 24 percent of people claiming to be Democrats, with some 54 percent undecided. Big freakin' deal.

Obviously, the majority haven't paid any attention whatsoever to who may or may not be on the ballot in 2008. A fair percentage of the 24 percent who said they favored Perdue probably did so because she's the most familiar name. Maybe she reminds them of a brand of processed chicken.

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