Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Holy Cow!

None of the graybeards among us can remember a complete sweep by any party in Watauga County history, let alone the Democratic Party. Three County Commission seats (and they weren't even close contests!). The Sheriff. Two new members of the N.C. House and the N.C. Senate. And an incumbent U.S. Congresswoman trounced in her own home county!

A few minutes ago, a gentleman walking his dog quipped to me, "At least now Virginia Foxx won't have to crawl over so many fellow Republicans to kiss George Bush's feet!"

I spoke to a W-S Journal reporter late last night, and he asked me why I thought Foxx had lost Watauga (and very nearly lost Ashe). I fumbled around for an answer to that question. As soon as I hung up the phone, it came to me: "Because we know her up here."

Incidentally, little ole Ashe County had almost as big a Democratic sweep over there: all three County Commissioners, and of course they share in the Tarleton & Goss wins.

With Cullie Tarleton's win over Gene Wilson, Democratic strength in the N.C. House grew. Meanwhile, Jim Black's margin over his challenger is a mere seven votes. Obviously, there'll be a recount.

One of the sweetest victories of the night was Steve Goss's win in the N.C. Senate Dist. 45. Here's a man who will do his homework. And now it CAN be told that Junior Johnson was supporting him in Wilkes County.

AIR KISSES TO "THE RIGHT THANG": Jim Goff just cussed WataugaWatch on his Republican radio show on WATA for getting the election results first last night. Once again, we can't thank these propaganda arms of the local GOP enough for all the publicity!

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