Thursday, November 16, 2006

Jerry Meek to James Carville: Shut Up! Puh-leas!

What IS the matter with James Carville? His jihad against DNC Chair Howard Dean is beginning to seem like ... jealousy.

It was Howard Dean, frankly, who helped immensely with our western North Carolina resurgence (discussed at length down-column). His 50-state strategy has reenergized Democrats in every red corner of this great nation. And what does he get for that success? James Carville publicly calling for his ouster in some sort of palace coup. Who does Carville want in Dean's place? Harold Ford, a stand-out for LOSING on election day.

Today North Carolina Democratic Chair Jerry Meek asked Carville, politely, to shut the f**k up. Dean, too, has responded here. So far everyone is being waaay polite to a former hero of ours who has just gotten out of touch with what's happening out here on the ground.

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