Tuesday, November 07, 2006

THE STATE BOARD OF ELECTIONS SITE getting sluggish because of traffic, BUT

...it's showing Foxx leading Sharpe by 10,000 votes district-wide (Watauga and several other counties not yet reported)

...Heath Shuler's lead over Charlie Taylor in NC-11 appears to be growing

...Kissell trailing Hayes, with very few votes reported, in NC-8

...Blust leading Goss in NC Senate Dist. 45 race (but clearly Watauga & Ashe aren't included yet)

...Tarleton 0 v Wilson 0 in NC House Dist. 93 race (again, Watauga & Ashe haven't been added to the state system yet).

Democratic judges seem to be doing well, for the most part:

Chief Justice Sarah Parker ... whupping Rusty Duke's right-wing butt

Patricia Timmons-Goodson ... way ahead

Robin Hudson ... slightly ahead

Robert "Bob" Hunter ... with a HUGE lead

Linda Stephens is the only Democratic judge who is currently trailing her Republican opponent ... except for Rachel Lea Hunter (and that's a looong story).

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