Thursday, October 07, 2021

You Can Be Sure They'll Do Their Worst


One of many draft Congressional redistricting maps that are beginning to emerge in Raleigh. This is probably not the final map, but only an example of how much damage the Republican majority in the General Assembly can do.

Preliminary analysis of this particular map by reporter Colin Campbell:

It locates the new 14th CD smack on NC House Speaker Tim Moore's home ground (Cleveland and adjacent counties). It's no secret that Moore has been angling for his very own carved-out safe seat (if he couldn't have his own university to run). No doubt, he'll like the bigger money in Washington and the privilege that goes with it.

Splits up Democrat Kathy Manning's safe seat in the 6th CD. We knew she was going to be a prime target for rough treatment.

In fact, the Piedmont Triad of Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and High Point is split up into four different districts.

This map would likely produce a 10-4 Republican advantage for the Congressional delegation -- only because the map-drawer couldn't figure out how to make it 11-3. 

Up here in the mountains we can't fail to notice that this particular map puts Watauga with Buncombe in the 11th, a move I could actually applaud. Anything to get away from Madam Foxx. Hello, Madison Cawthorn! But it won't happen.

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