Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Who's Funding the Appalachian PAC?

"Political Committee Disclosure Reports" are due at the NC Board of Elections by this weekend, and the report from the Appalachian PAC, the newest organized political influencer in Watauga, was actually delivered early. Here are the donors as reported:

Maxxed Out

Rick Harmon, attorney with Harmon & Davies, Lancaster, Pa. -- $5,600

Mark Ricks, owner, Double Wood Farm, Boone -- $5,600

R. Thomas "Tommy" Sofield, owner, US Bldgs, Boone -- $5,600

Brian Tracy, COO, DWF, Round Hill, Va. -- $5,600

NOTE: Both Ricks and Sofield are members of the ASU Board of Trustees

NOTE: What is "DWF" in Round Hill, Va.? 


2nd Tier 

Jay Harrill, COO, Echota Resort, Avery County -- $1,000

Arthur H. Barber, owner, Charleston Forge, Boone -- $500

Susan M. Barber, owner, Charleston Forge, Boone -- $500

Chad Seigler, VP International Business, NASCAR, Stanley, NC -- $500

NOTE: Chad Seigler is a sports marketing executive and a member of the board for the Appalachian Foundation

Also Gave

Sallie Aceto, Owner, Design & Media Group, Raleigh, NC -- $278.08 (in kind)

Sallie Aceto, ditto -- $278.08 (credit card)

Travis Critcher, Director, Samaritan's Purse, Boone -- $100

Richard Woods, nurse anesthetist, Boone -- $100 



Octavia said...

DWF is most likely "Double Wood Farm"

Double Wood Farm is owned by Mark Ricks (as noted above) and is "an equestrian sanctuary for retired show horses in Bluemont, Virginia." Bluemont is located approximately 15 minutes from Roundhill, Virginia.

Initially, I assumed Double Wood Farm was a local business due to the address Ricks used on the NCSBE filing. It appears Ricks used what is *most likely* the address of his second home on the filing. The primary mailing address associated with that home is the address for Double Wood Farm in Bluemont.

If this is true, it is unclear (and somewhat strange) why a former "Appalachian State senior associate athletics director for development" would move to Roundhill and become the COO of a show horse sanctuary.

J.W. Williamson said...

Thank you, Octavia! This is helpful!