Sunday, August 02, 2020

Dan Bishop Made the 'Anti-Trump Wave Watch List.' Congratulations?

Dave Wasserman, US House editor for the Cook Political Report, posted a number of updates on the ratings of certain House races on July 17th, and we enjoyed seeing Dan Bishop (NC09) on the "anti-Trump wave watch list."

Finally, six GOP incumbents move out of Solid R into 's Likely R category, which is essentially an anti-Trump wave watch list: #CA04 Tom McClintock (R) #NC09 Dan Bishop (R) #OH12 Troy Balderson (R) #TX03 Van Taylor (R) #TX06 Ron Wright (R) #TX25 Roger Williams (R)

A reminder that Democrat Cynthia Wallace is the candidate forcing that change of prospects for Dan Bishop. Cynthia Wallace seems freshly minted to energize those underperforming Democrats that Dan
McCready failed to win over in last year's special election. I've been spending time on her website and on her social media, and she seems both highly qualified and brimming with confident energy. She earned a mathematics degree at Spelman College in Atlanta, a master's degree in statistics, and she works in the high pressure financial services industry in Charlotte as an expert in risk management and government regulations.

Perhaps overlooked in accounting for her surging candidacy is her deep involvement in Democratic Party activism. She's currently the Democratic chair of the 9th Congressional District, which means she's well known in all her counties among progressive activists, giving her a network of volunteers and a base of support that Dan McCready had to build from the ground up.

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