Wednesday, July 03, 2019

With a Rally at ECU, Twitterman Will Attempt To Distract Us from Mueller

Williams Arena
Twitterman has scheduled himself a campaign rally on the same day -- July 17 -- that former special counsel Robert S. Mueller III is scheduled to deliver "highly anticipated public testimony to Congress." Trump's campaign has chosen the Williams basketball arena at East Carolina State University, seating capacity 8,000.

Built in 1968, renovated in 1994, with 25 years on top of that of constant use (scoreboards especially, we hear, need an update), and, wait! You got the Reality TV star Who Is President coming to stomp the joint!? There'll be 8,000 people there on July 17, you can bet on it, and they'll be full of energy and full of themselves. They think they know Donald Trump from watching The Apprentice, and they think they know him for a successful, decisive chief executive who happens to share their opinion about those people trying to sneak into our country, and who doesn't put up with pussy-footing. Strong man. (With the scruples of a fencer fencing stolen goods. They don't care.) Those thousands will be there to scream their support and chant their chants and jump to their cheerleader.

It'll be a scene at the Williams arena.

But a rally like that has limited power. It doesn't so much sway the general electorate but pumps up followers to volunteer for the campaign, to put skin in the game and get out there and knock doors, make telephone calls, and go in front of the public to carry the banner. Are Trump's fans those types of potential volunteers? Dunno, but maybe they're not.

If Twitterman is aiming to distract everyone else from the Mueller testimony, it ain't gonna work. Unless he's going to hold his rally in the morning ... 'cause Mueller's a morning person, and that's when he'll be testifying. Trump will speak at twilight, I bet, and by then everyone will either have seen the Mueller testimony or will have heard about it. Trump's rally may blunt, or dilute, the news of Mueller finally talking, but as "counterprogramming" (Trump thinks strategy like a creature of TV), it's weak because it's a "re-run."

When the fans have seen an act so often that the act is beginning to seem like an act, what do you do for new material? Or rather, what does Trump do? He says something more outrageous than the last thing he said, and all the liberals jump medium high and talk yak-yak-yak about the outrageousness of it on cable news, and Trump's not-expanding base meanwhile hardens even while it also contracts.

It'll work for some of those who'll be crammed into Williams arena, a welcome distraction from the fucking fake news.

When news broke about this coming event, ECU students and faculty began raising objections, and ECU officials felt obliged to deny that they invited Trump. “ECU is not hosting this event, serving as a sponsor or endorsing this specific candidate in any way,” ECU said in a statement Wednesday. “We are simply renting the facilities to the Donald J. Trump Campaign in accordance with the ECU Use of University Property Regulation.”

Better get that money up-front, chumps. Twitterman has a long history of failing to pay.

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