Tuesday, July 30, 2019

BREAKING: Uproar at State Board of Elections, as Republican David Black Wants To Change His Vote

Noticed just minutes ago from the State Board of Elections: They'll be holding a special meeting this Thursday, August 1, in Raleigh, and here's the printed agenda:
Motion to rescind decision to notice meeting to amend NC Election Systems Certification Program G.S. § 163A-1166 
Consideration of certification of voting systems G.S. § 163A-1115(a) and NC Election Systems Certification ProgramAdjourn
This can only mean that Republican board member David Black, who was on the winning side last night with Democrats Stella Anderson and Jeff Carmon, intends to change his vote to side with Democratic Chair Bob Cordle and Republican Ken Raymond and to rush forward without demanding that electronic voting machines produce a paper ballot that can confirm a voter's choices.

Former SBOE lead counsel Josh Lawson, who knows better than anyone the need for cyber security in the state's voting process, just tweeted this comment:
now noticing a mtg to “rescind decision” from last night. #ncpol If human-readable paper ballots were *right* for security, *right* for budgets, and *right* for public confidence, what could have possibly changed since last night? Doesn’t instill confidence.
What kind of pressure was applied to David Black? Does Bob Cordle have a prior relationship to ESandS that he isn't telling us about? What the actual fuck is going on here? And are we going to stand for the SBOE certifying electronic touch-screen machines that don't produce a voter-verifiable paper ballot?

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