Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Charlotte City Council Condemns Trump's Racism But Does Not Rescind RNC

Last night the Charlotte City Council voted 9-2 to condemn Donald J. Trump's "racist and xenophobic comments," but it did not take the action that many citizens wanted -- breaking the contract to host the Republican National Convention in August of 2020. On advice of counsel.

Reporting by Felicia Sonmez:
Some audience members at Monday’s meeting urged the city council to try to back out of its contract to host the convention. One local resident, Diana Levitt, received a standing ovation from many in the crowd when she urged the council to reconsider.
“The hate has since grown louder, and yet you continue to sit quietly,” she told the council members. “Our community has asked you to revoke this invitation, and you sit quietly.”
Despite the calls to reconsider hosting the convention, it appears the city’s options are limited.
The Charlotte city attorney, Patrick Baker, said he had examined the contract and determined that the city probably would not be able to walk away from it, even if it were willing to suffer the financial penalties of doing so.
“I’m not in a position to recommend that you terminate the contract,” Baker said, noting that a potential breach could trigger a lawsuit that would result in the city being forced to follow through on its contractual obligations.
We'll find out next August whether the cost of breaching the contract would have been less than the loss of reputation and the damage to infrastructure and the citizenry when Twitterman brings his white nationalism circus to town.


Anonymous said...

They may not be able to rescind the contract but tey can make their disapproval public and loud.
First read fine details in contract and make it clear that the r's do not get 1 millimeter of slack on it. i.e. if deposit for facilities is required by 2 p.m on x day if it shows up at 2:01 void the contract, If r's ask for any extras of any sort for any reasons follow nancy reagan's ( you know the "sane" one of that couple) and just say NO.
Make it clear that all laws will be strictly enforced for the convention,
There are any number of ways that an organization can make this a living hell but still live up to the "letter" of the contract.
Besides which the city can realease public statements of how foul the r's are and how repugnant their policies are every day and broadcast widely to all media outlets.
Big public signs saying how unwelcome the racist's are in your city.
This should not be allowed to go unchallenged.
Pass a resolution stating the only reason they are there is becaus of contract and that they are not welcome.
That should hit the news.

Anonymous said...

Marx forbid that folks be able to assemble to further their own welfare, and to freely and OPENLY express thoughts and ideas!

We MUST control free speech and right of assembly if we are to survive!

Unknown said...