Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Dan Forest, You Coy Minx!

Yesterday, Republican Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest released a professionally produced video message. It doesn't say "I'm running for governor of North Carolina," which is what every mother's son has known as a lead-pipe cinch for the last two years. What Forest says is "I'm forming an exploratory committee" to see if I want to run for governor of North Carolina in 2020.

Too coy by half!

Plus his video is all about lamenting "divisiveness" in the state, as though Dan thinks we all fell on our heads when we fell off the turnip truck.

Divisiveness? Why, that could be Dan Forest's middle name, if not his safe word.

Item: At a Civitas Conservative Leadership Conference, Forest implied that people on the left don't believe in God. No, their religion is "political activism," he said (while his political activism is merely the living breath of God, we assume). Democrats "are hopeless," he said. "They truly do believe that, but for the government, but for the work they do, there’s no hope for America." Never mind Forest's own efforts to make government regulate women's reproductive choices.

Item: The City of Charlotte's anti-discrimination ordinance protecting transgender citizens sent Forest on a noisy crusade backing the General Assembly's "bathroom bill," HB2. He stoked fears of predatory men disguised as women preying on young girls in ladies toilets.

Item: Forest pushed hard in the General Assembly for the passage of HB527, a bill targeting student hecklers of right-wing speakers on college campuses. It was passed under the guise of protecting free speech but was motivated by the increasing and vocal opposition to conservative speakers on UNC member campuses.

Item: For a theocrat who wants his religion dominating government, Forest likes being awfully close to The Moral Stain who currently occupies the White House:

Item: He gladly accepted money from The Word of Faith church in Spindale, which practices beating the devil out of its members.

Item: He called it "judicial tyranny" when a federal judge struck down North Carolina's ban on same-sex marriages and backed a bill in the General Assembly which would allow magistrates to opt out of performing same-sex marriages because of gay cooties.

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