Friday, February 10, 2017

When Will Virginia Foxx Hold a Town Hall?

Short answer: never.

But you should call her office and ask that she meet openly with her constituents ... and not hide behind one of those filtered, hyper-managed "teleconferences."

Call her and demand accountability: Boone office,  (828) 265-0240; Clemmons office, (336) 778-0211.


Charlie said...

Never unless it's a safe venue (meaning filled with people who like her) and she gets to make money for her re-election.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to meet with you screaming assholes either.

Wolf's Head said...

IF the left acted civilly at these meetings MAYBE there would be more of them.

I would like to go to a Town Meeting and ask about things that are important, such as tax reform, elimination of government obstructionism (regulations) and increasing personal freedom but who wants to listen to a pack of shrill perverts screaming about make believe gay rights and abortion.

Besides, the left ALWAYS goes for violence when they don't get their way and who wants to be caught up in that?

Anonymous said...

Dear fragile snowflakes who can't take "a pack of shrill perverts screaming":

Were you so offended when it was the Tea Party?

The point is that highly paid elected officials owe the people accountability for actions taken that affect the lives of those people. Foxx has always avoided it. Maybe she's afraid. Or maybe she thinks she's just better than the rest of us.

Wolf's Head said...


I seem to have missed all those Tea Party riots.

How many stores and cars did they burn? Surely there was alot of property damage? How much did all that cost?

But you are right. If Foxx does hold a Towm Meeting I'll be sure and bring the kids.

Perfect way to show them how violent, ill mannered and insane you lefties are.

For warned is for armed.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see how you roll, Wolf.

I thought we were talking about congressional accountability via town hall meetings, and you change the subject to rioting by silly and misguided college students at the University of California. When exactly did any congressional town hall meeting result in burning cars and vandalized stores?

And if you don't remember the Tea Party uproars in 2009-2010 at many congressional town halls, then your memory really is miraculously selective.

Unknown said...

Wow! Your anonymous is a mouthpiece of Alt-right. These folks don't sound like "fragile snowflakes" to me.

Sara R

Wolf's Head said...

" When exactly did any congressional town hall meeting result in burning cars and vandalized stores?"

I stand corrected. I haven't found any instances of such behavior at town hall meetings.

As for "silly and misguided college students" that is utter bull.

It was criminal behavior, pure and simple, and should be treated as such.

It does exemplify the left's eagerness for violence, assault and destruction of property belonging to innocent people.

Even JW admonished "protesters" not to destroy property, not because it is wrong, but because it would give Bannon fuel to use against the left.

Anonymous said...

So much for the claims of civility on the Right. This fantasy narrative the posters above are claiming is truly false. I dare you to read the article link below about the recent vicious manipulation of the facts in order to squelch any intellectual discourse. When were death threats defined as being civil, Wolfy? Do you really support and defend these actions?

Wolf's Head said...

Bill Moyers is an old, tired, senile, bigoted white man, as the left likes to categorize people.

Doubt he would write anything illuminating.

However, I see Meryl Streep is vowing to fight the Brownshirts, which I find interesting as the Brownshirts were Socialists, just like the democrats.

Unknown said...

This might be as close as you get:

CALL TO MEETING: Watauga County Republican Party County Convention
Saturday March 4, 2017
9AM Registration, 9:30AM Precinct Meetings, 10AM-12PM Convention Business
Guest Speaker: The Honorable Rep. Virginia Foxx of NC 5th Dist.
* ALL registered Republicans are encouraged to attend.

per -

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like we have our next time and place for protest--thank you Randall Huggins! How do we get this out?