Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sweet Dreams, Citizens

You might be witnessing the destruction of American democracy if...

1. ...a president demonizes a free and independent press.

2. ...a president's chief of staff attempts to induce FBI officials to deny press reports that have implicated that president's inner circle in secret dealings with a foreign, hostile government.

3.  ...a president views more than half of the nation's population as a threat to his power, assaults his perceived enemies with violent rhetoric, and takes steps to isolate them (see # 1 above).

4. ...a president is compulsively more concerned about his own image than he is in consensus-building with a majority of the citizens who do not agree with him.

5. ...a president has nothing to fear from a complacent Congress in the way of oversight or investigation.

6. ...a president that claims he cannot have a conflict of interest.

7. ...a president that attacks the 3rd branch of government as "so-called judges."

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Anonymous said...

Yep, ain't it grand!