Thursday, February 02, 2017

There Are Always Casualties in Rollerball

Gen. Michael Flynn, who's clearly lusting for combustion, has put Iran "on notice." Flynn, who famously peddled the rumor that Hillary Clinton was involved in child prostitution and who is obviously therefore rash and incendiary by nature, is just visibly itching with the pleasure of bombing someone.

But don't completely despair. Flynn displayed sufficient calm to remember to blame President Obama for Iran's need to be stomped on by Trump. Mission accomplished.

The combustible Trump administration is showing off its diplomatic skills everywhere. You heard that Trump hung up on a phone call with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull over the issue of accepting -- by previous agreement with President Obama -- 1,200 refugees from the Middle East who had tried to reach Australia by boat.

That damn Obama!

He didn't hang up on the prime minister until after he had boasted about his electoral win, which apparently didn't impress Mr. Turnbull as much as it should have. You're possibly sending us "the next Boston bomber," Trump raged at Turnbull.

Trump's first covert military assault on Al Quaeda in Yemen, about which he bragged and pranced, was actually FUBAR, and the Pentagon has admitted as much. "Qaeda fighters were somehow tipped off to the stealthy advance" of the Seal 6 commando troops, and "through a communications intercept, the commandos knew that the mission had been somehow compromised."

Their knew they were compromised, yet no one in charge aborted the mission. So a village-wide firefight ensued, a member of the Navy's Seal Team 6 was killed, three others wounded, a $75 million MV-22 Osprey aircraft took a hard landing (which injured an additional three crew members) and had to be destroyed by airstrike, and an unknown number of civilians including children were killed.

And by the way, again …  it was all Obama's fault, because the mission was initially planned for a moonless night during his presidency but was not executed because the next moonless night would not occur until the Trump presidency.

"Go nuclear," Trump told Mitch McConnell, referring to the confirmation of his Supreme Court pick, but maybe he meant the whole world.

“The whole thing is scary,” said David Boaz, executive vice president of the libertarian Cato Institute. “They have no appreciation for the Constitution, much less the unwritten norms of liberal democracy.”

The Cato Institute said that.


Geraldine M. said...

You left out his threat to send US troops into Mexico. Try to keep up!

Pixelshim said...

The terrorists sensed that something was up because of the increased drone activity over the compound. The extra drones were likely aloft so that Trump and Bannon could watch the men with their guns do manly things against Islamists.