Monday, February 27, 2017

Today's Protest at Virginia Foxx's Office

Part of the substantial crowd that showed up this afternoon outside Virginia Foxx's Boone office, demanding that she hold a public town hall meeting before the end of March. Will she? Why would you even ask?


Anonymous said...

Gee, maybe 100 people showed up.

There's over 50 thousand people in Watauga county.

Statistically insignificant.

Oh Suzannah said...

It's always instructive when Republican trolls instruct us on the charms of democracy. Let's say that 5 people showed up. In Trump Nation, those 5 people -- or 100 million people -- are "insignificant" to those in power because they don't agree with the way things are going. If you don't agree with Foxx -- we know -- we're totally "insignificant."

Anonymous said...

We're a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy.

Anonymous said...

I have never had any problem contacting Mrs Foxx, nor has her staff ever failed to respond to any questions I might have. Dems are not interested in a Town Hall meeting to get questions answered or to discuss policy issues. No, what you a-holes want is for her to stand before her so that you can demonstrate your hatred, to shout her down and to generally disrupt any legitimate attempt to offer an exchange of ideas.

You really don't expect her to volunteer to be the clown in your planned dunk tank game, do you?

PS..Dear Dems..please continue your attacks, protests, disruptions and demonstrations. While your shrinking base is cheering you on, the majority of middle America is running away from your agenda. How many Democrat seats did you lose during the Obama admin? Around 1000 wasn't it? (State and Federal). KEEP IT UP! said...

You're right Anon, we are supposed to be "Constitutional Republic" but it never comes down to that because only some of us, quite few actually, are ever represented by our Congress, due to the fact that the rest of us do not frequent the Hill with wheelbarrows of money and thus have no voice in our own governance. Would you be interested in helping us to have real representation in OUR CONGRESS or are you simply whining? In such a context the fear or hesitancy on the part of a Representative to meet with their constituents bodes ill. Nothing is going to happen except a civil exchange, and if she runs from that, then everyone will know that she has no backbone and perhaps has contempt for her constituents.

Anonymous said...

JW is just hoping to get some grant money from Obama's Organizing for Action Committee by pushing loud mouthed rants against republicans.

Have you signed up for your training from OfA yet?